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The Stuff is the pinnacle in detoxification technology and convenience. Helping individuals and their families achieve a better standard of living based on their knowledge, skill, and abilities. All our products are formulated to allow you to lower harmful toxin levels, and remove toxins that can build up in your body. Eliminates unwanted toxins for a period of 3-5 hours! The Stuff is fortified with Vitamin B2, and Creatine to aid nutrition replacement. The Stuff does not discriminate against the toxins it removes from your system. The Stuff does not need to be refrigerated. The Stuff comes in a 16oz size for average body size. Included with The Stuff are easy to read instructions and cleansing tips. These cleansing tips are meant to be adhered to as closely as possible in the days prior to the deadline! For the Best results, The Stuff directions must be followed word for word, the day of the deadline. Suggested Use: Shake well and drink entire contents of bottle Wait 15 minutes. Refill the Liquid Stuff bottle with water and drink. Urinate frequently (yellow urine is normal). You may consume one additional 16 oz glass of water if desired. Allow 60 minutes for the Liquid Stuff to become effective.

Creatine an Vitamin B2 in Formula
Proven effective, tastes great
No activator required
Effective for up to 5 hours

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