Spiritual Detoxification and Souls Renew...



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This third series of Scriptural expositions on building a healthy church beams the searchlight on a subject that is currently constituting a threat to the spiritual wellbeing of many believers and churches in these perilous times: the proliferation of spiritual toxins. While most people acknowledge the increasing importance of regular detoxification in maintaining good physical health, not many realize that maintaining spiritually health requires even much more. We are living in a time like no other, and we must be constantly purified and fortified to avoid being drowned by the toxins of these last days.You will discover in this book:•Meaning and nature of spiritual toxins•Dimensions and dangers spiritual toxins on individuals and churches•Agents and pathways to spiritual detoxification•Principles for overcoming spiritual toxins – with references to churches in the book of Revelation.•Prayers for receiving divine purification and fortification against spiritual toxins.

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