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NEW FORMULATION – NOW MORE POTENT + POWERFUL: Our functional Beauty and Detox Water Drops turn your water into ultra-hydrating, supercharged H2O. An everyday essential, providing a full spectrum of minerals and superfoods crucial for optimal health. Designed to boost glow, Beauty Water Drops deeply hydrate your cells with naturally-occurring trace minerals missing from tap water. Detox Water Drops are the easiest way to up your intake of daily greens and reap the benefits for digestion and detoxification.
BEAUTY WATER DROPS: contain 72 trace minerals to plump the cells, help flush out bloat, support collagen and make skin glow.
DETOX WATER DROPS: contain antioxidant-rich chlorophyll, and helps maintain an ideal balance of healthy bacteria in the gut for optimal immunity, digestion and energy.
TSA FRIENDLY: Each bottle contains enough concentrate to make 30 servings of water. Restore electrolytes, stay hydrated, bloat-free, and energized on the go.
EASY TO USE: An easy and convenient way to boost your intake of essential daily greens and minerals—simply add to water, drink, and get ready to glow.
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