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Price: $150.00
(as of Jun 24,2021 22:13:10 UTC – Details)

The ViraTech Air Purification Replacement Cartridge for the RxAir is designed specifically for use in the RxAir Air Purification System. The RxAir automatically shuts down after approximately 8,800 hours (approximately 1 full year) of use, and will not operate until the cartridge has been replaced. The ViraTech Air Purification Replacement Cartridge for the RxAir contains the patented ViraTech air purification technology that makes the RxAir run. It kills greater than 99% of bacteria and reduces concentrations of odors and volatile organic compounds. Please note: RxAir will supply a return shipping label so you can send the used cartridge back free of charge for proper disposal. The shipping label will come with the purchased ViraTech Air Purification Cartridge for the RxAir and you can use the new box for the used cartridge's return.

Identical to the cartridge originally supplied in the RxAir
Kills greater than 99% of airborne bacteria.
Includes free return shipping for used cartridge for proper disposal by the manufacturer

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