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On DVD #5, Boris explains the nature of lymphatic drainage and how to perform manual acceleration of lymphatic drainage, not only to reduce lymphedemas, but also to cause significant full-body detoxification. Nowadays, with all the anxiety over avian influenza, these are very important techniques to know, as lymph drainage for detoxification will not only improve the functions of all body systems, but will cause a considerable boost to immune system function. Please be aware that the degree of detoxification is proportionate to the increase of the acquired immune system’s power. As we said, every DVD is packed with material. Boris will also demonstrate in details how to perform bronchial drainage and massage therapy for people who suffering from bronchitis and bronchial asthma as developed by Lominiga, MD, from Kiev medical school. The techniques are entirely easy to apply and especially important for clients who must often use steroids for their asthma and antibiotics due to repeated pneumonias. This method is clinically proven to be very safe and effective. Also on DVD #5, you will find Boris Prilutsky’s demonstration of deep tissue massage for the full body.

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