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DELICIOUS HERBAL DETOX TEA with 100% natural ingredients. This boosts your energy level while improving immunity. Also speeds up metabolism to burn more of the calories you consume. Many people can lose weight while still enjoying their favorite foods. Reduces appetite so you naturally want fewer snacks and smaller portions. Reduces bloating and water weight for easier digestion. It also helps calm and purify your body and mind for a happier, more balanced mood. Our herbs are collected on the hills of the Carpathian Mountains. The recipe is based on wisdom discovered in a Monk’s diary from the 19th Century. Our detox guide offers smart tips for easily losing weight to achieve a skinny fit.
BETTER DIGESTION helps to relieve bloating and discomfort. Feeds good gut bacteria for smoother, more efficient digestion and better nutrition.
NO LAXATIVES with none of the side effects of diet pills. No Senna Leaf for a more gentle detox.
BOOSTS IMMUNITY improves bodily defenses for healthier wellness. Helps remove harmful bacteria and viruses that compromise health.
FREE DETOX GUIDE provides foundational diet, exercise and lifestyle habits, 3 different ways to customize results, time schedule, and current health.

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