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★Do you want to get rid of stubborn body fat? ★Do you want to shed off a couple of pounds without hard workouts? ★If Yes, this book is for you. So many people who intend to lose weight do not know what the right ratio of ingredients for a tasty smoothie is. Well, you have nothing to worry about because I have you covered. Enjoy nearly endless options for imaginative and healthy smoothies with numerous nutritious, easy-to-make recipes.For anyone who has ever tried to lose weight, the hardest thing to sacrifice is the taste of something nice and indulgent. This is where many diets end their days, with something you know you shouldn’t eat but can’t help yourself. The good news for dieters is that there are certain treats that are actually good for you and taste great, meaning you can stay on track with your weight loss program.In this book you’ll find a range of great tasting smoothies that are good for you and will actually help you lose weight.

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