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Are you interested in knowing how to potentially prevent health problems by changing a few simple things in your environment? Have you done genetic testing through “23andMe”, and would like to better understand what that genetic information might reveal about your current or future health?Are you interested in learning about what nutrition and lifestyle is best suited for your genes?

If so, then Genetic Testing: Defining Your Path to a Personalized Health Plan can help you understand some of your genetic predispositions, help you work with your doctor to create a personalized approach to preventing health problems based on your genes, and help you and your doctor monitor your health to determine if you are providing the best environment for your genes.

Our genes don’t usually write a sealed destiny for health or illness, but are often a reflection of how our environment is interacting with our genes. The environment you expose your body to on a regular basis can be much more significant to your health than the genes you inherit from your parents. This book can help you learn what type of specific environment might prevent potential health problems.

Gain access to cutting-edge scientific research for a holistic and truly effective approach to understanding and preventing health problems based on your genes. This is an exploration of epigenetics, nutrigenomics, and a guide to use with your doctor to help create a personalized health plan.

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